Intimate cleansing cream: Feminelle Extraconfort

Feminelle is a dermatologically & gynecologically tested intimate cleansing cream for all women. It is made up of natural ingredients that support the microbiome with balance, protection and overall health. This product is formulated using lactic acid and prebiotic infusion that help to maintain your intimate area natural balance. It is a product we highly recommend to all women especially those suffering from vagina pH problems, odours, and itching. The many testimonials and reviews come to enhance our trust in the wonders this product does to women.

What makes up Feminelle Extraconfort?

Feminelle is made of three major ingredients. These components are:

Natural Swedish Extract

Infused with natural calendula extract that helps to solve specific intimate needs by protecting, soothing, refreshing and nurturing your intimate area.

Lactic Acid and Prebiotic Infusion

It is made of natural ingredients to support the intimate microbiome with an adequate pH balance, protection and ensure the overall health of the vagina.

Fresh Scent Technology

Feminelle is made up of a fresh scent technology that helps to neutralize vagina odours, with light pleasant fragrances. Thus, keeping the vagina freshly scented.

Why Use Feminelle Extraconfort?

Feminelle is a tested and safe product we recommend to all women. It helps women with the following vagina problems:

  • Treat Vagina infections
  • Get rid of vagina itching
  • Get rid of vagina odours
  • Get rid of vagina discharge
  • Moisturize the vagina
  • Tighten the vagina

How to use Feminelle Extraconfort?

The mode of usage of feminelle is very simple. However, before we get to how it is used, it is important to know that this product is suitable to use by pregnant and breastfeeding women even those on menopause.  

 Let’s get to how to use feminelle now. Pour a small amount on your hand, and apply to your vagina. You are applying a feminelle solution to the external part of your vagina. It should be well-noted, external usage only. After that, you rinse with clean water and make sure to use a clean towel to dry the area.

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